<![CDATA[Homeopathy for Better Health 818.712.0688 - Blog]]>Tue, 25 Jul 2017 21:26:50 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Top 3 Benefits of Homeopathy]]>Wed, 26 Jul 2017 00:13:33 GMThttp://homeopathyforbetterhealth.com/blog/top-3-benefits-of-homeopathyWhile there are millions of homeopathy supporters worldwide who will attest to its undeniable benefits, we have gone ahead and whittled it down to what we believe are the top 3 reasons to choose the homeopathic route.

1. Safe to be used on anyone:
How many times have you seen commercial for the newest pill on the market and the list of potential side effects seems worse that the original ailment? And yet, consumers rarely question the safety of these medications. Homeopathy has no side effects no matter who uses it. Homeopathy’s natural basis allows it to be a remedy for infants all the way up to seniors, so there is no need to worry about whether or not you are an ideal candidate. Everyone can use homeopathy, but so many of us are conditioned to believe that typical Western medicine, despite the potential negative effects, is the only answer.  

2. Cost effectiveness:
The pharmaceutical industry’s notorious reputation for greed is no secret. Sky high prices that are merely affordable with already astronomical insurance rates create an unsettling feeling for most consumers. With hundreds of billions of dollars in sales each year, pharmaceutical companies make a killing- no pun intended. At the forefront, these companies state that their intention is to reduce symptoms, but at the heart, these drugs are often just a mask of a larger problem. Homeopathic remedies are far more affordable and tackle issues on a deeper level, utilizing the principle that “like cures like.” You won’t find homoeopaths with an insatiable desire to make a quick buck. Rather, they are an elite group of professionals who have chosen a more humane and cost effective route to help their clients.

3. A solution for pretty much any condition:
Unlike typical Western medicine which has doctors study specific areas of illness and specialize only in a one or two fields, homeopathy has a much wider array of conditions that can be treated. A homoeopaths can provide treatment for headaches, anxiety, cramping, depression, ADHD, etc. There are few if any medical practitioners who would specialize in all of those areas at once. We have been taught that we must go to certain doctors for our diseases, but homeopathy’s natural remedies have a broader audience, which makes traveling to many doctors a thing of the past.
<![CDATA[Homeopathy Without Borders]]>Wed, 13 Nov 2013 04:18:27 GMThttp://homeopathyforbetterhealth.com/blog/homeopathy-without-bordersPicture
Established by Nancy Kelly in 1996, Homeopaths Without Borders is a non-profit organization that has been around for over 15 years. The organization provides homeopathic treatments and education in the hopes of encouraging others to become more independent through alternative medicine. Also known as a humanitarian non-profit Homeopaths Without Borders has run homeopathic projects in many countries including Cuba, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Haiti. In 2012 they were able to go over to Haiti and assist those affected by the deadly earthquake, which was a huge accomplishment for the organization. Other achievements in 2012 include giving homeopathic care to 890 people, training and certifying 13 Haitian homeopathic caregivers and launching an on-site homeopathic pharmacy in Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince. They’ve also worked with orphan children who had both emotional and development problems. The organization’s future goals include training 40 Homeopathe Communautaires and initiating a training program for Haitian midwives and birth attendants so they can begin introducing homeopathic therapies throughout their patients pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care.

To learn more about Homeopaths Without Borders or to make a donation please visit http://homeopathswithoutborders-na.org/

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A migraine is not just your everyday headache; it is a neurological disease that affects over 10% of the population including children. Symptoms include a throbbing aching feeling usually on one side of the head, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, sensitivity to light and sound, and in some cases numbness in certain areas of the face. Homeopathic treatment can help someone who suffers from migraine headaches in a natural, safe way.  At homeopathy for better health we can recommend a variety of treatments depending on your symptoms. We do suggest you make a consultation with us so we can do a proper analysis before we decide on the type of remedy. 

These are just a few common migraine remedies:

Glonoinum – This remedy can help treat your migraine if you have a bursting, throbbing pain, especially after the sun exposure. Head feels very large, face is purple, and all you want to do is lie down in a dark room with your head high.

Belladonna – Used commonly in the homeopathic world, Belladonna can also help treat migraines. If you are experiencing a headache that becomes worse with light, noise, or when you are lying down this is the remedy for you. If you have a headache in the forehead region, which becomes worse during the afternoon this could also be the remedy recommended for you by a homeopathic practitioner. 

Iris Versicolor – Also known as the Blue Flag, the Iris Versicolor is a species of Iris. This remedy will be recommended if you have severe nausea or vomiting with your headache, along with visual disturbances. The attack can come on a certain day every week; the pain is aggravated by rest and relieved by continual motion.

Nux Vomica: This remedy will help if you are experiencing splitting headaches, especially if they come on after eating fatty, rich fried food or having too much alcohol (this is a great hangover remedy).  It all gets worse in open air, after movement or mental effort. 

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Flu season typically starts in the fall, peaks in January and February and comes to close shortly after that.  This year there is no telling how bad the flu can get but what you should know is that you do not have to run down to your local pharmacy for the dreaded flu vaccine. If in fact you do get the flu there are natural alternatives to treating it. Homeopathic remedies for the flu differ depending on the symptomatology, so take a look at the most common homeopathic flu remedies.

Aconitum Napellus: If your flu symptoms come on suddenly, if you experience chills, fever, anxiety or become agitated Aconitum napellus is the remedy for you.  Aconitum state is usually a result of an exposure to dry, cold wind while in perspiration or getting wet and it is marked by a high fever, great thirst and restlessness.

Gelsemium: The most prominent features of this remedy are drowsiness, sleepiness and fatigue.  Patients who need this remedy can experience a great heaviness and tiredness in the body and limbs, and they feel completely exhausted. The pace of the remedy is very different from Aconitum, the onset is slow, and sometimes it will take a few days for the flu symptoms to appear.

Bryonia: This is one of the most common homeopathic flu remedies with characteristic picture of muscle aches, dry cough and headache, all of which gets worse with motion, so the patient is trying to stay still. Combine these symptoms with chills, thirst and great irritability and you will never miss this remedy.

Arsenicum Album: The most characteristic symptom of this remedy is the onset of illness in the middle of the night, especially between 1 and 2 am. The symptoms might include chilliness and thirst, diarrhea and vomiting, along with restlessness and irritability. These patients will often have a watery nose discharge that is excoriating, which will make the skin around the nose red and inflamed.

When taken within 48 hours after onset of symptoms, Oscillococcinum has been shown to shorten the duration of flu symptoms. Homeopaths have giving this remedy since 1925, and now it is available over the counter at any pharmacy store.

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With the crazy holidays looming a lot of us are booking our flights to head home and spend time with family, eat turkey and open gifts! What a lot of us tend to dread this time of year is the “getting there” part. The flying, driving or even boating can cause motion sickness and for some of us the symptoms can be worse than others. Motion sickness is caused by the lack of fresh air and the unusual motion that our bodies are not used to. We recommend curing your motion sickness the homeopathic way. The remedies should be taken three times per day before you begin your journey and three times per day during your travels.  At Homeopathy For Better Health we’ve narrowed down our recommended remedies below!

For Air Travel: Borax and Rhus Toxicodedron are highly suggested during air travel. Use Rhus Toxicodedron when you feel nauseous, vomiting coming on, and/or loss of appetite.  This remedy is also good if you have a terrible, splitting headache and/or a dry mouth and throat.

For Boat Travel: Nux Vomica can be used during an extreme headache, horrible nausea, bloating and gagging.  Cocculus works in situations of nausea, hatred toward food or the smell of food and the feeling you must lie down.   

For Car Travel: Petroleum is a remedy used when you have continuing nausea and vomiting, stomach pain, an uncomfortable emptiness, an unsettling feeling that is further agitated with light or noise. If muscles become tense, petroleum can also help.  If you experience the sweats, faintness or if your hand feels gripped by a tight band then Tabacum is the remedy for you.


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   Treating children who have ADHD with prescription drugs has always been a controversial subject.  According to the Huffington Post, over 28 million prescriptions were written to treat ADHD in children in 2004. In 2008 the number increased to over 39 million prescriptions written.  The Huffington Post also reported that research has shown there has been no difference in behavior in children with ADHD who were treated with prescription drugs and those who were not treated at all.  Ritalin, an amphetamine type drug, which is commonly used to treat ADHD in children, has the same effects on a child as a homeopathic treatment would except that homeopathy for ADHD is much safer. Prescription drugs can come with some serious side effects such as headaches, allergic reactions, anxiety, tremors, and psychosis. At Homeopathy For Better Health we have experience treating children with ADHD and have put together our recommended remedies below.

Tuberculinum – This remedy is used in children that are compulsive and uncontrollable, they tend to throw tantrums, break things and rebel. This child also seeks change and new experiences. Tuberculinum is a sterilized bacterium that has been used successfully since the late 1800’s.

Taretula Hispanica – If your child is restless, impulsive, impatient, and does not want to be touched, then this may be the remedy for him or her.  A child with these symptoms also tends to like dancing and singing. Taretula Hispanica was the first spider venom to ever be potentised.

Phosphorus – Found in our bones, teeth and DNA, phosphorus is commonly used in homeopathy in both children and adults. If your child is imaginative, excitable and craves attention, phosphorus is the suggested remedy.

Veratrum Album - Also known as the “White Hellebore”, Veratrum Album has been utilized since the days of cholera and is often used with patients who suffer from mental symptoms. If your child becomes angry easily, disobedient, impulsive, and is restless, this could be the remedy for them.

Cina – Described as a child’s remedy, Cina is recommended if your child is fidgety, irritable, doesn’t like being touched or has a hard time sleeping. Other symptoms include violent jerking, grinding teeth and screams.

At Homeopathy For Better Health, we have been highly successful when treating children with ADHD. We pride ourselves on making sure each patient’s remedy is tailored to his or her symptoms. 

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Keeping your baby safe and healthy is extremely important during the first few months and into their years as a toddler since their immune system is extremely fragile and sensitive.  Considering that babies have been protected inside their mother’s womb for 9 months they are susceptible to germs and many infections upon entering the world. Homeopathic remedies can help both mother and baby after delivery and beyond.

Ear infections are very common in babies and young children. Doctors tend to prescribe antibiotics for ear infections, which often times are unnecessary.  Homeopathic remedies for ear infections are great alternatives to a conventional treatment and include such remedies as Pulsatilla, Belladonna, Ferrum Phos, Chamomilla, Mercurius, just to name a few. Belladonna is known as the number one remedy and is used for right ear infections with a sudden onset of great pain and a high fever. The earache is intense and throbbing, and the baby is restless and agitated, with a hot face and cold hands and feet.  You would think that with a high fever like that the baby would be very thirsty, but he is not, and that creates a typical Belladonna picture that is hard to miss. Another great remedy for an ear infection with a high fever is Ferrum Phos, but this time the infection is left-sided and the baby is much calmer. It is an excellent remedy in the beginning stage and it will prevent the formation of pus. If the child seems especially clingy, whiny and uncomfortable from the pain, Pulsatilla is the remedy for you.  The pain will be worse at night. The child wants to be carried around and consoled, but they are not as capricious as Chamomilla children, who are screaming and don’t want to be touched. The onset is not as sudden as Belladonna, but pain is severe and not tolerated well. When one cheek is hot and red and the other is pale, it completes the picture of Chamomilla and makes it easy to recognize.

If your baby is crying a lot and pulls his legs up or stretches them out, especially after being fed, chances are he is colicky. There are a few homeopathic remedies that can be very helpful in this situation, and one of the main ones is Colocynthis. The abdominal pain can be very severe, and it gets worse after eating and drinking. Babies will have bloated bellies, and yellow or green diarrhea. The colic pain might be temporarily relieved by flatus or bowel movement or by pressure, so they will feel better if you put them over your knee or shoulder. If your baby is very capricious and irritable, crying inconsolably and must be carried around, has a bloated tummy and green diarrhea with “rotten egg” odor, Chamomilla will definitely bring some relief. But if your baby has a tendency to stretch or bend backward, and wants to be held upright, and heir tummies rumble a lot, Dioscorea is the remedy for you.

When if comes to painful teething, homeopathic remedies come to the rescue again, bringing relieve to both babies and their parents. The most frequently used remedy for this purpose is Chamomilla if the baby is irritable, capricious, and very difficult to comfort. Nothing can console them, and you will spend all night long carrying them around. Magnesia Phosphorica can also be useful if the pain is better from warmth and pressure, but if your child has a fever, Belladonna or Aconite should be also considered.

If you are contemplating using Homeopathic remedies for your baby, please make an appointment with us to discover what Homeopathy can do for you and your baby’s health.

<![CDATA[How To Treat Your Anxiety Using Homeopathy]]>Sat, 01 Jun 2013 06:46:22 GMThttp://homeopathyforbetterhealth.com/blog/how-to-treat-your-anxiety-using-homeopathy   Anxiety is extremely common; everyone gets it once in a while. One can be anxious about work, their personal life or an event that hasn’t even occurred yet. When you experience anxiety it affects your entire being, mentally and physically, and can often produce a whole range of symptoms, from rapid heartbeat, muscle tension, queasiness, to dry mouth or sweating. Most of the time anxiety is treated using prescription medication, which can have many different side effects. Prescription medicine is not right for everybody and can sometimes make the person’s anxiety worse or can take away his or her personality. Homeopathy offers a holistic approach to treating anxiety and involves identifying the root of the problem. At Homeopathy For Better Health, we narrowed down our top three remedies to help treat anxiety. 

Arsenicum album- This remedy helps with more severe cases of anxiety including fear of death, thoughts of suicide and feelings of sadness and hopelessness.  This patient also feels heightened anxiety when he or she is left alone and may also feel as if they are too weak to move. Considered one of the fifteen most important remedies in homeopathy, Arsenicum album is used quite often to treat anxiety among other ailments including digestive issues.

Aconite is one of the most important homeopathic remedies for anxiety treatment. It is very effective when anxiety comes on very suddenly, out of nowhere, and for no particular reason. The key to this remedy is treating the patient quickly since their symtoms come on so unexpectedly. Patients have also complained about feeling great fear and restlessness.

Argentum Nitricum – a nitrate of silver – This is a great remedy for chronic anxiety disorders. These people are constantly in a state of worry. They also can suffer from palpitations, trembling, and cramping pain in the abdomen. Argentum nitricum patients are often full of fears and tend to act irrational and on impulse.

<![CDATA[Summer Edition: Homeopathic Remedies For Every Type Of Sunburn!]]>Mon, 20 May 2013 18:19:28 GMThttp://homeopathyforbetterhealth.com/blog/summer-edition-homeopathic-remedies-for-every-type-of-sunburn  Summer is right around the corner! Get ready for long days at the beach, laying out by the pool and gardening in your front yard! Being out in the sunshine is fun and relaxing, but it can also lead to sunburns. Uncomfortable as they are, sunburns can also cause pain, swelling, small fluid- filled blisters and headaches. Keeping your skin protected while out in the sun is very important, but if you do end up getting a burn, our Homeopathy For Better Health team has the best natural remedies to help soothe your skin.  

Cantharis – Cantharis contains cantharidin, which comes from the Spanish fly or blister beetle, and is often recommended when trying to relieve burns. Whether you have a severe or minor burn, this remedy can be used for all types. Cantharis needs to be taken more frequently if the burn is severe; a higher dosage is also required for more severe burns. If it is a mild sunburn use 6C or 12C, if the burn is more serious and has blisters, use 200C. 

Urtica urens – Urtica urens is prepared from a small stinging nettle, which is native to Eurasia and can be found in North America and New Zealand. It is the best choice of remedy when the sunburn is prickly or itchy. This remedy can be applied as a cream or diluted tincture; it can also be used as a dry dose in 6C or 30C potency. 

Calendula – Also known as a Marigold, Calendula has been used in folk medicine for hundreds of years. This remedy comes in a cream, gel, ointment, and tincture form and can be very useful when treating a burn. Rich in nutrients like beta-carotene, Calendula can reduce inflammation and stimulate the growth of new skin cells, which makes it one of the best remedies for sunburn relief.


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Have you ever questioned why you need to get a vaccine? Ever wondered what is actually being injected into you or your child’s body? Vaccines are mandatory to attend grade school, high- school, and college. As a requirement you rarely think about why you need them or if they are even healthy for you. The truth is there are facts about immunizations that aren’t being kept from you, but are not exactly being advertised to you either. They can cause some very serious side effects including permanent brain damage, epilepsy, autism, and mental retardation. With so many vaccinations being required, doctors often have to administer several shots at a time, which can often result in a disaster.  Vaccines, along with the elements that are supposed to create the antibodies, also contain mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, animal tissue, animal blood, human cell from aborted babies, potatoes, yeast, lactose, phenol, antibiotics and unrelated species of germs that inadvertently get into the vaccines. Do you really want all this to be injected into your child just to prevent him or her from having a chicken pox?

Vaccines are said to work by stimulating the body to produce antibodies, which are supposed to protect us from an invasion of harmful germs. Childhood diseases, such as measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox, affect the immune system in a way that makes most people immune to them for the rest of their lives. Vaccinations, on the other hand, create an artificial immunity that wears off and allows the person to catch the disease later in life. The problem is there is a much higher rate of complications with these diseases in older people.

You will be surprised to learn that whooping cough spreads mainly through vaccinated populations. The largest outbreak of this disease occurred in California in 2010. The study showed that 81% of people who contracted this disease were under the age of 18, and were fully up to date on the whooping cough vaccine! Now, considering such a low rate of vaccine effectiveness, it became mandatory that everybody has to get three primary shots and three follow-up booster in order to have a long-lasting protection. The whooping cough vaccine may cause severe side effects, such as fever as high as 106 degrees, seizures, breathing problems, brain damage, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Homeopathy has proved to be very effective in treatment of childhood diseases, as well as other infections. From its earliest days, homeopathy has been able to treat epidemic disease, such as cholera, typhus, yellow fever, and diphtheria, with a substantial rate of success, when compared to conventional treatments.

To further educate yourself about natural alternatives to vaccines, you can refer to www.thinktwice.com, a great source offering a wealth of information. Give yourself a choice and re-think whether or not the vaccination route is right for you and your child.