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Oksana's practice

Oksana Frolov, D.Hom.

E-mail: oksana@homeopathyforbetterhealth.com

  • Oksana trained and practiced as a traditional physician before opening her eyes through personal experience to the healing potential of homeopathy as a complementary form of medicine.
  • After witnessing firsthand the potent medicinal benefits of homeopathy, Oksana pledged to commit her professional life to help her patients achieve the same health turnarounds that she benefitted from with homeopathic care.
  • The ongoing success stories of patients treated by Oksana give voice to the pressing needs for alternative forms of medicine where conventional methods have failed. Oksana believes, as her patients can attest to, that homeopathy is an under-appreciated healing modality. She intends to continue to change that perception one patient at a time.
  • Services include:
    Initial homeopathic consultation with Oksana ($195.00)
    Follow-up consultations to evaluate treatment response ($80.00)
    Initial Consultation plus two follow ups package ($340.00)

Initial Consultation and Remedy Selection

  • One of the tenets of homeopathic care is that each patient deserves individualized care to match their physiology and personal preferences. There is no “one size fits all” approach to homeopathy as there often is, unfortunately, in conventional care.
  • Oksana is diligent to approach each patient’s case with a fresh perspective. In some cases, the appropriate homeopathic remedy is immediately obvious. For other patients, Oksana may need a few days to review the data obtained during the initial consultation to make an informed recommendation.​

Follow-Up Consultations

  • Following the careful and detailed prescription of the appropriate homeopathic remedy, Oksana will schedule a follow-up visit within 4 to 6 weeks to check in on her patient’s progress and to make any adjustments to the treatment protocol as needed.
  • As the evidence of a patient’s healing progress mounts, Oksana will schedule visits spaced incrementally further apart. As always, she is available to respond to urgent concerns from patients when an unexpected issue pops up.
  • Oksana encourages her patients to maintain relationships with their primary care physicians. Homeopathic care is often considered an “auxiliary” treatment modality, one meant to complement traditional care models.

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