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What Health Benefits Does Homeopathy Deliver?

Homeopathy as an alternative medical discipline was born in the 19th century as the crowning achievement of German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

Since its advent, homeopathy has spread across the globe and helped millions of patients worldwide recover from chronic and acute health conditions. It's often successful when conventional medicine fails.

Homeopathy's guiding philosophy is the Law of Similars, a well-documented phenomenon dating back to Ancient Greece that prescribes unique medicinal formulations based on the patient's inborn traits and conditions.

The Law of Similars  is also known as "like cures like," which has a lengthy history as a maxim in the medical canon.

In fact, Hippocrates -- the namesake of the famous Hippocratic Oath to "do no harm" that doctors must swear to abide by before becoming licensed – coined the original version of the phrase "like cures like."

Homeopathy employs a treatment modality called holistic care, which encompasses the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical aspects of the individual to achieve improvements in health from all angles. This constitutes the second guiding principle of homeopathy.

Whereas conventional medicine generally focuses on patchwork treatment of specific conditions and their related symptoms, homeopathy dives deeper to address the root causes of disease. Through stimulation of the innate immune system, homeopathic care promotes the body's natural ability to fight disease. Pharmaceutical drugs have a time and place, but no medicine can outperform the human body when it's properly equipped with the tools it needs to heal on its own.

Patients should understand that the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA)– the most powerful regulatory agency in the US government -- has overseen and regulated homeopathic remedies since 1938.

Due to the diluted nature of homeopathic remedies (using extremely small doses of medicine), they are generally recognized by medical authorities to be entirely safe for use in the general population.

America, as a whole, is sicker than it's ever been. Chronic disease rates are off the charts, and continue to rise. The American Heart Association explains the dire nature of the problem:

"Today, an estimated 133 million Americans – nearly half the population – suffer from at least one chronic illness, such as hypertension, heart disease and arthritis. That figure is 15 million higher than just a decade ago, and by 2030, this number is expected to reach 170 million."

If you've sought relief from a medical condition and have not found it at your primary doctor's office or the hospital, consider the power of homeopathy.

American patients urgently need, and deserve, viable alternative treatment models.

The unfortunate reality of modern life – despite all its benefits and conveniences -- is that the toxic brew of air and water pollution, the overuse of and overreliance on antibiotics, chemical pesticides sprayed on our crops, and sedentary lifestyles has culminated in a global chronic disease epidemic that threatens our collective health.

Every year, often out of desperation for answers, more people turn to alternative and complementary treatment modalities, including homeopathy, to meet theirhealth challenges head-on with this innovative approach to healing.

Oksana Frolov has witnessed the transformative potential of homeopathy firsthand in her Los Angeles-area clinical practice. Contact Oksana Frolov, D.Hom. to learn about what benefits homeopathy can deliver for you.